Gus and The Guys

The doctor was quiet and focused for a moment as he placed, and replaced his stethoscope across the boys’ back. “What are you doing?”, the boy asked nervously.

“I’m listening.”, the doctor said in a calm voice. He knew how scary a doctor’s office can be to a kid. “I’m finding out how everything is going, on your inside.”, he continued, hoping to calm the boys fears a bit.

“How do you do that?”, the boy quickly replied.

The doctor smiled as the boy tried to mask his fear with curiosity. He then replied matter-of-factly, “Gus tells me.”.

The boy caught the doctor’s eyes to see if he was kidding, but the doctor showed no sign that he was anything BUT serious. “Who’s Gus?”, the boy asked only half believing.

“Who’s Gus? Well, Gus lives inside of you and sort of runs things. He’s kinda like a foreman, watching over all the workers that keep you running right. From your head to your feet, and from your muscles to your corpuscles. Your body is like a living machine to Gus, and his job is to make sure that machine stays in top working order. There’s a lot going on in there you know.

” No way.”, the boy smiled

” Yes way.”, smiled the doctor right back. “Whenever you visit me, I use my stethoscope to have a listen, and Gus gives me a report.”

The boy enjoyed the story for a moment, but reality crept back in and narrowed his smile. “So, ask him what happened to my legs.”, he mumbled loud enough to be heard.

The doctor muffled a sympathetic groan as he exhaled. He then gathered himself, pulled up a rolling stool, and sat down next to the boy. He leaned back a little and crossed his arms as if he had all the time in the world. When he spoke, his head cocked a little to one side as if he were remembering clearly. ” You came down with a fever. We thought you might have the flu, but it wasn’t the flu. It was polio. By the time anyone realized what was happening, the damage had already been done.”. The doctor noticed the boy wilt at the shoulders after hearing that, so his next words were said with a lightness and wonder in his voice. “That’s when I witnessed the danged’st thing I have ever seen.”, he finished respectfully.

The boy’s shoulders raised a bit as he asked, “What happened?”.

“Well,…”, began the doctor, settling serious into his story once again. “…there was a moment there when all seemed lost. It didn’t look like there was much reason to go on. Your body was damaged and beyond repair. Everyone’s spirits were sad and low. Without a working body, what would God do with your soul? In the midst of all this, Gus made his way forward and began to talk to God….

‘ Sir.’, he said. ‘ If I may Sir. You have given us this boy’s soul to care for. It’s the only purpose me and guys have ever had. This body fought hard against that polio Sir, but suffered a lot of loss because of it. Even so Lord, if it’s all the same to you, we’d like to go on.’.

‘ Are you asking me for a miracle Gus?’, God replied. ‘ Would you have me restore the boy’s body?’.

Gus answered with grace. ‘ With all respect Sir, no. It’s true that we have taken a lot of damage, there’s no denying that. It would seem like a perfect time to be afraid and lose hope. A perfect time to give up…….

…….but youareLord.

  You are just as much God now, as you were before the polio struck the boy. We know that a miracle is but a whisper from your lips, and we know that you can. But Lord, before we ask for what you can give us, we would like a chance to serve with what you have given us.

  The situation seems overwhelming and hopeless in the worst way, but if you will excuse the common language, we have a saying that goes,……

God is the whole thing, and all at once.

He is everything, and a place to put it.

  You are not just Lord of the days. You are Lord of the nights too. The difficult journey’s, when the path’s are not so easily seen. This souls life will be born out of struggle and strain. But it will also know selfless compassion’s, unexpected freedom’s, and endless love.

  This soul will face impossible things every single day. But, the world needs people who know something about impossible things. People that remind us that we are not only made by God, we are made of God. All of you Lord. Every bit of who you are went in to this soul being possible. What else is there to ask for?

  Impossible, isn’t a time to prove what you can, or cannot do. Impossible, is a time to become. It’s a time to emerge, to be born again. The darkness of impossible, becoming the light of ‘ I’m Possible ‘.

  This soul, like every soul, will be continuously born of the life that has created it. Your life Lord. How could we possibly fail?’.

  God was moved by Gus that day and gave him his blessing and permission to carry on. Gus and the guys did carry on, and now here you are.”.

  The boy gave a deep sigh as his spirit was lifted by the story of Gus and the guys. There was even an excitement in his voice, when after a moment or two of silence, he asked the doctor, “So, what will I become?”.

  The doctor smiled at the boy in admiration and playfully replied, “Oh, that’s easy. It’s the greatest part of the story. You are to become ….”, the doctor abruptly stopped, pretending to be interrupted. He turned his head a bit as though he were hearing something in the stethoscope again. After listening a moment, he smiled and laughingly told the boy,…..

“….Sorry. Gus says not to spoil the surprise.”


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  1. Merri
    Apr 16, 2012 @ 14:28:44

    That was beautiful and touching. Thanks for sharing.


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